100509 Inkigayo Performers List

9 May

# Comeback Specials #
Gummy “There is no Love / 사랑은 없다 + As a Man / 남자라서”
f(x) “Nu ABO”

# Take 7 #
Rain “Love Song / 널 붙잡을 노래”
Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
2PM “Without U”
After School “Bang”
Secret “Magic”

# Hot Music #
Defcon w. After School Lizzy “How to leave the Rapper / 래퍼들이 헤어지는 방법”
JJ “More and More / 점점 더”
U-Kiss “What did you Say? / 뭐라고”
Wink “Fantastic! / 얼쑤”

# Fresh Music #
BEAST “Special”
ZE:A “All Day Long / 하루종일”
Seo InGook “Loving U / 사랑해U”
H2 “Heart Attack / 마음의 병”
Norazo “Save Me / 구해줘”
J.Rich “Goodbye my Love / 안녕 내 사랑”
Soya N Sun “Smiling Goodbye / 웃으며 안녕”
Paige “That type of Love / 그깟 사랑”
Sung Eun feat. Namolla Family Kim JaeWoo “Only You / 너 하나만”

Performers List Credits to KpopFlash


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